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Many medical writers are trained in science or research, and can write well. However, many have never been trained as medical writers. There are standards in medical writing that many writers may not know, and Tom will offer an overview by revealing interesting statistical mistakes you can understand and avoid.

In this 1-hour presentation, Tom reviews the most common and important statistical reporting errors in the medical literature. Participants will learn how to recognize these errors and understand their implications for interpreting research.

A knowledge of statistics is neither required or nor assumed.

Explanations are conceptual, not mathematical, and should allow participants to understand the errors are errors.

About Tom Lang, MA

Tom is an international educator in biomedical communications.

For many years, he was Manager of Medical Editing Services at the Cleveland Clinic; he has also worked in the New England Cochran and Evidence-Based Practice Centers. His book, How to Report Statistics in Medicine, second edition, is a standard reference in medical writing and evidence-based medicine, and his most recent book, How to Write, Publish, and Present in the Health Sciences, is rapidly becoming popular.

An instructor on the University of Chicago’s Medical Writing Program since its inception, he received the First Excellence in Teaching Award from the Graham School of General Studies, which sponsors the program. He also received the 1994 Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Workshop Leader from the American Medical Writers Association and the 2002 Excellence in Continuing Education Award from the American Statistical Association.

He is Past President of the Council of Science Editors, current Treasurer of the World Association of Medical Editors, a Fellow of the American Medical Writers Association, and a recipient of the Association’s 2002 Harold Swanberg Distinguished Service Award for exceptional contributions to medical communications. His MA is in Communications Management from the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Southern California.

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