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CME Opportunities for Medical Writers in 2012


Meet Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH MSW CCMEP


Award Winning Educator
CME Writer and Editor



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As a medical writer, you may be feeling the pinch of the economic downturn – fewer clients, fewer writing opportunities, and lower compensation. But wisdom says that downturns are a great time to prepare yourself for the next wave, and to broaden your skills so that you can ride more comfortably in any economic climate.

The field of continuing medical education (CME) has undergone a lot of changes in the ways in which CME is designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated. These changes have created a demand for CME medical writers who can deliver a new kind of medical education product.

These changes create a HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR WRITERS who want to break into lucrative CME medical writing, because everyone in the industry has to learn how to create CME that meets these new criteria.

If you would like to be part of the most creative, interesting, and lucrative areas in medical writing today,  and about new opportunities for medical writers in the CME industry, attend this 1-hour webinar!


  • What qualifies as CME, and why the definition of CME is expanding
  • Who provides CME and Who needs it
  • Why the demand of CME writing is growing
  • How multi-media content and interactive learning are growing, especially on the internet
  • How to get started in or build your strengths in CME medical writing


About Johanna Lackner Marx

Ms. Lackner Marx  is the Founder and President of InQuill Medical Communications, LLC which provides CME certification services, CME writing services, and medical marketing services to clients.  InQuill also provides online medical writing training courses in eight different kinds of medical writing.  InQuill is organizing and hosting the Medical Writing Festival.

InQuill won the 2011 Award for Best Innovation in Continuing Professional Development from the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, the international association of CME professionals, for InQuill’s online, multi-media course, “CME Training for Medical Writers.”  Johanna is the 2011 MECCA Member Section Chair Elect for the Alliance and will be heading up 2012 educational and networking activities for medical education and communications companies.

She has been active in CME for almost 20 years.  She worked with the National Institute of Mental Health in their Epidemiology and Psychopathology Research Branch, where she completed research and was published internationally.  Her writings include a wide variety of topics including pediatric attention deficit disorder, eating disorders among female college students, complementary and alternative treatments of menopausal symptoms, associations between the MMR vaccine and autism, as well as numerous topics in pain medicine and prescription management.

Johanna has also been very active in physician and healthcare provider education, having organized and managed over 150 educational events.  She has acquired certification as a CME provider for clients, oversees production of CME materials, and consults with companies on CME recertification.

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