Grant Writing Skills and Success for Medical Writers

Medical Writing Festival - Grant Writing - Alexandra Howson, PhD

Want to learn from someone who has raised almost $4 Million recently?


We do!!


Meet Alexandra Howson, PhD




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In this 1-hour interactive webinar, you will learn:

    • The Landscape for Grant Proposals – funding trends, the value of education funded by grants, and how hot the competition is


    • How Medical Writers add Value to Grant Writing – how to get your audience to care about your proposal, how language, style and tone make a difference, and how to analyze your audience


    • The Elements of a Strong Proposal – the sections you require and how to tailor your proposal to the specific needs of your potential funder


    • You Writing Process – the steps you must to take to support a strong proposal


  • Measuring Your Success – how to track your wins and evaluate your approach

**Note: This webinar will focus on CME (Continuing Medical Education) Grants. However, the skills you will learn are of value regardless of the kind of funding you seek.


About Dr. Howson

Dr. Howson is an experienced educator, researcher and medical writer with a clinical background, expertise in adult learning theories, an international peer-­reviewed publication record, and a portfolio of evidence-­based continuing education materials for healthcare practitioners.

Since 2006, Dr. Howson has won $14M in funds from federal, foundation and pharmaceutical supporters for medical and health non-profit organizations and continuing medical education providers.

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