InQuill Medical Communications, LLC acquires Medical Writing Training


InQuill to expand Award-Winning online training into all forms of medical writing

Santa Cruz, CA. August 15, 2011:  InQuill Medical Communications, LLC announced today the purchase of and all its associated web properties from D&D Books, LLC of Beaverton, Oregon. boasts of seven popular online training courses developed and marketed since 2008:

  1. Introduction to Medical Writing
  2. Regulatory Writing in the United States
  3. Scientific and Technical Grant Writing and Editing
  4. Epidemiology & Biostatistics for Medical Writers
  5. Writing & Organizing a Scientific Journal Article
  6. Preparing Scientific Abstracts and Posters
  7. Consumer Health Writing

The purchase also includes an active blog of the business at, a
popular and fast growing worldwide community of medical writers at, as well as the best-selling e-book for beginning medical writers at

InQuill Medical Communications, LLC, founded in 2009, has specialized in Continuing Medical Education (CME) training and writing.  InQuill is the 2011 Award winner for “Best Innovation in Continuing Professional Development for the CME Professional and CME Enterprise” from the Alliance for CME, the international association of CME professionals.  InQuill was bestowed the Award for its multi-media online training course entitled “CME Training for Medical Writers,” a 14-week Advanced course which includes an innovative Internship Placement Program for qualified graduating students.

Diego Pineda, Founder of D&D Books, LLC, expressed his pleasure with the acquisition.  “D&D Books has been working with InQuill collaboratively the last two years to attract medical writers to CME training and writing. InQuill’s expertise in training, the great feedback they have received from students, and their embrace of leading edge internet marketing and technology give me great confidence in the successful and continuing growth of

Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH, MSW, CCMEP, Founder and President of InQuill, returned the compliment.  “We have enjoyed working with Diego these last two years and have great respect for the breadth of coursework, community, and promotion he has built into the medical writing businesses we are acquiring.  With our expertise in adult learning and multi-media, and Diego’s guidance, we know this acquisition is a winner.  We wish Diego the best in his new video production endeavors!”

Jonathan Marx, MBA, Senior Vice President of InQuill announced the company’s kick-off event combining all medical writing training under one new roof.  “To celebrate our new offering of eight medical writing training courses, we are today announcing the

InQuill Medical Writing Festival

which shall take place online beginning the week of September 12, 2011!  We will be offering online webinars on medical writing job search techniques, websites that win promotion techniques, and overviews of all the different kinds of medical writing we now offer.  Plus, we’ll be offering special limited time pricing for those students motivated to start learning this September.” Details and enrollment shall be announced mid-late August.

InQuill Medical Communications, LLC trains students in all forms of medical writing training, creates multi-media CME content, provides CME accreditation services, develops CME audience generation and “continuous engagement” programs.  InQuill Medical Practice Managers promotes physician, clinic and healthcare practices via multi-media web marketing.

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