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So, You Want a Job in Medical Writing?


Meet George Buckland


Recruiter & Founder
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I have been a recruiter for the past 12 years and for 10 of these 12 years my focus has been in working with editorial talent – copywriters, editors, journalists, and of course medical writers. Like many writers my current career and passion was not the first thing I did. I flirted with law (studied it in fact), worked as assistant to a theatrical agent (office dogs body on a pittance of a wage but very glamorous), and a design agency office manager (keeping designers fed and watered mainly)..It’s now my privilege and pleasure to open up possibilities for the talent I represent – a surgeon considering a writing career, a post-doc researcher wanting to escape the lab bench, an experienced writer wanting the freedom of a freelance medical writing career…. Knowing that a career is not always a vertical progression I do not simply tick a check list of a bland generic job specification – I take time to understand what makes you do what you do and how you do it, what you want to be doing more of and doing less, where you are heading and when you want to get there, what’s holding you back and driving you on, who’s working with you and who you need with you….. and then I can point you in one direction or several directions to achieve what you want to achieve.

In this 1-hour Webinar, we’re going to cover:

  1. The importance of demonstrating what you can offer a potential employer and how you can best express it in various media including in the all important resume
  2. What hiring parties are looking for, examples of the assignments I get, and how the match was made
  3. Where I go to look for candidates
  4. My checklist for evaluating candidates before I make a call, and in interview
  5. Tips for how you can break into a new kind of medical writing
  6. How to get the best from your relationship with a recruiter
  7. What are the signs of a good recruiter and a bad recruiter

About George Buckland

Mr. Buckland founded WORD Recruitment Ltd in June 2010 after ten years in the recruiting business, much of it focused
on placing medical writer talent with various firms.  WORD distinguishes itself with its very personalized service to both medical writers and placements.

George is a graduate of Thames Valley University, LLB (Hons)


Sample Recommendations for George Buckland – How He Works

“George takes the time and trouble to get to know you, and really listen to your preferences. George work very hard to negotiate the best and fairest terms and stays in regular contact throughout an assignment to make sure everything is going well and you’re happy. George is always available to give support, advice and encouragement, and he is definitely one of the best recruitment agents I’ve ever signed up with.”

Senior Freelance Medical Writer, London

“George has recruited me to work on several freelance projects, which have all been very successful. He is meticulous in his approach, very supportive and ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Working with him is always a pleasure.”

Science and Medical Writer, London

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