Medical Writing in India – An Overview

Natasha Das, Medical Writing in India, Medical Writing Festival


Medical Writing in India: An Overview


Meet Dr. Natasha Das


International Freelance Writer / Author / Teacher





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This hour-long webinar is geared to offer an informative overview of medical writing in India, and will be of interest to those who want to work AS medical writers in India, as well as to those who want to work WITH medical writers in India.

A Google Trends search of the simple term “medical writing” reveals India at the top of the scale in web growth.
This is a trend to which we best pay attention for business strategy, growth and collaboration.

Dr. Das will talk about the developing market in India for medical writers and content development, the educational backgrounds required of medical writers, the kinds of work writers do, and what kinds of training and networking are available to writers of all experience.  She will discuss the quality of medical writing content in India, and its directions for the future.

Join us for an interesting perspective on a growing market.

About Dr. Natasha Das

Dr. Das has been a freelance medical writer since 1997 and has clients internationally, in India, Singapore, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and numerous European countries. She has authored journal articles, monographs, articles, and blogs in a wide variety of medical areas for consumption by the public, medical professionals, and business CEO’s.

She wrote ‘Plagiarism – Why is it such a big issue for medical writers?’ –in PubMed indexed journal Perspectives in Clinical Research (Das N, Panjabi M. Plagiarism: Why is it such a big issue for medical writers?. Perspect Clin Res 2011;2:67-71). She wrote ‘The Blackouts – Anterograde Amnesia’, a Cover Story for Science Reporter.  She also write “How to Become a Medical Writer” (Indian edition), in addition to contributing to chapters of numerous books. Dr. Das also translates medical content from English to regional Indian languages for public health awareness campaigns on national television.

Additionally, Natasha is a public speaker and has spearheaded health awareness campaigns in different cities across India to raise awareness about tobacco use in schools and colleges and to educate women on how to conduct a regular breast self examination for early detection of breast cancer. These awareness campaigns were in English, Hindi, or Oriya and were conducted in institutes, government offices, ladies clubs, and other private gatherings.  She speaks at professional writing and medical conferences as well.

In addition to freelancing since 1997, Dr. Das worked as a staff lead and content developer for print and online materials focused on cardiology and diabetes.

Dr. Das holds degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Shriram Chandra Bhanja Medical College and Hospital (SCB MCH).

She is the Founding Secretary of AIMWA, the All India Medical Writers Association.